Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cabo Captured

I will tell you the highlights now: Whale watching, shell collecting with Shelby, sand in my toes, watching Dalton boogie board, eating, eating, eating GREAT food, dressing up and having sushi with Mom, Dan and Krissy at a fancy restaurant while the kids stayed with the hotel's sitters, getting sun, getting to read all my books and O magazines (and then chat about it all with Kristen), getting to lay poolside next to Gavin every day, drink in hand, while Mom and Dan had the kids, and last but not least- getting a break from the snow back home.
Here we are, about to go for a walk on the beach

Checking out the sea creatures sticking to the rocks

A good place to lay your head

Dalton on the zip line

Me and Shelby with SOME of the ceramics that she painted!

Dalton and Sis had sleepovers at Grandmas and Krissy's, all nights except for the last one.
We braved all the kids, with us in the same room. Two words for you: BIG MISTAKE.
Gav had to sleep with the two big kids, so I could be in bed with the baby. Shelby kept whacking Dalton in the face, every time she rolled over. Dalton fell off the bed, and on to the hard tile floor. The baby was up a couple times in the night. The only way I could get him to go back to sleep was by turning on Mexican infomercials. So, at one in the morning, I got to see the miraculous results of "Thin (pronounced theeen) Ice"; A gooey gel that you rub on your body, that makes you loose five inches in thirty minutes! Boy am I glad I got to see this "amazing medical breakthrough" and witness all the great, realistic testimonials. I have got to call and order some, ASAP! So, I took this picture, right after the Theeen Ice infomercial ended, and Garrett finally went back to bed, to remind myself why we will ALWAYS pay for TWO rooms in the future!

Dalton with one of his many buddies, from "Kid Camp"!

The girls lounging by the pool

Grandma and Shelby: BFF's

I kept humming that ANNOYING tune, "If You Like Pina Coladas", because the kids were gobbling them down every day.

Shelby doing the pinata at one of the activities they have in the evenings for kids.
Gavin, doing his favorite activity; teasing Dalton.
Nothing hotter than a man who brings along the bottles.
Dare to dream! Every night tables adorned with every useless thing you can imagine, would greet us outside. Oh, the wanting, when you are five! It's all so perfectly kitchy.
Shelby shows off her henna tattoo she got at the beach, and her and her dad's madras shorts.

And Dalton swings!
A great trip! Dalton came home with a shark's jaw- very tough and cool :) and Shelby came home with a tiny breakable nativity set (always need a few more of those). They got Mexican bubble gum as well. Shelby brought home a pound of sea shells, she'd collected from the beach, as well as all those painted ceramics. Dalton and Shelby were so impressed with Gav's Spanish speaking, that they asked if he could give them lessons. Adios.


Chip and Lisa said...

Looks like memories to last a life time. So much fun!!! If your family doesn't want to go next time we would love to take their place!!!!

Ashley said...

Lisa, Next time we'll bring you with us...that would be the best!