Sunday, April 12, 2009

Australia movie


I get what they were going for...Gone With The Wind meets Moulon Rouge. Didn't work. Too long. Too predictable. Too weepy. I get bugged when movies count on some sappy music making me tear up, when the scene is just plain cheesy and unbelievable. I guess I get bugged because I DO tear up. It's like Pavlov's dog....argh! Next time I am going to watch those stupid scenes with the volume muted. Anyways...if you have three hours to kill I would suggest:
  1. Don't watch this movie
  2. Take a nap instead

The ONLY positives about this movie were:

  1. Seeing how hard it was for Nicole Kidman to make facial expressions with all of her botox, and make her lips move with all that collagen.
  2. Seeing Hugh Jackman shirtless, multiple times...get a little shaky just typing that.

Happy Easter tomorrow. I still have to put out (it's on the list) and put Easter stuff together. Broke the news to Dalton today, about there being no Easter Bunny. When the kid expects a $35 DS game to come by way of ol' floppy-ears, it's time to let him in on reality-Easter gets you eggs and chocolate, Christmas gets you overpriced, mind-numbing video games...Get the Christian holidays straight for heaven's sake! He felt a little better when I let him pick out any sugar cereal he wanted, a can of any type of pop and a donut from the grocery store. These are definitely special-occasion-treats. So now instead of spending $35 on a DS game now, I can spend $135 on a filling for him later...the wisdom of Ashley. Video games that rot your brain-bad! Trash food that rots your teeth-good! Happy Easter. Oh, and Shelby cut her hair again today. Can't even comment on that one right now. Still too fresh.


Jared and Delia said...
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Jared and Delia said...

I am so sorry about the hair cutting. Owen finally braved it himself but he is a boy and it was a way easy fix. I feel for you. I would be totally bugged too.

I was wondering about this movie - whether it was worth it or not. I had a feeling I would think not. So...thanks for the review. I won't waste the three hours or the $1 at Redbox.

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

you didn't like it?!!! I think i just loved hugh jackman...shirtless:)