Sunday, March 29, 2009

These feet were made for walkin'

And he's off! Garrett is ten months old, and practically running from room to room. Just like his big brother Dalton, and his big sister Shelby, this kid is a mover!

He's also a chewer, and a biter, and a you can guess by the looks of all those chompers! Watch your fingers if they are near his mouth as those are his favorite teething toys! We think number 7 must be on it's way, with all the drooling.
And there he is; the darling, happy, bright, fun baby boy, whom I adore. We all do, really. It gets almost ridiculous, the amount of love and attention this little guy gets. Everyone who sees him is sucking his face, making him smile, hugging him and just plain smitten by him. His grandma Lucy Bell calls almost daily to tell me of a new dream she's had about "her boy". My mom can not stay away. His grandpa Eddington thinks they are soul mates. His siblings go in to great detail about how they are going to eat him. Shelby told me about how he is "so delicious, she is going to cut him up and put him on bread, with jam and make a sandwich and eat him!" I guess we have been getting a little graphic with our expressions of love for Garrett. You just can't help it. When you are with him, you understand. He is just this chunk of fat love with these dark little smiling eyes and this grin that is never-ending. He wants to absorb the world right now. Everything he sees, he has to touch, or taste... wanting to experience it all. (Poor cat) And, I gave up. After all my tough-love rhetoric, I bit the dust and gave in. I rock this kid to sleep ALL THE TIME. Before every nap, before bed, whenever I can get my hands on him. I selfishly devour every second of our time together. Singing every dumb song I know, kissing, and sucking his fat ivory cheeks, letting him melt in to me, as we rock away. With the door closed, big kids fending for themselves, me in my world of mother-to-my-last-baby-euphoria.

And, on a side note- the best part of your older brother shirking his daily chore of taking care of his pet gecko: you inherit him!! Happy day for Shelby...a pet of her very own. This gecko has never had so much love in his whole life. The sweet little thing is probably going to be donning "stylished crests" pretty soon, and having his nails painted.
He is just on loan. Dalton now thinks that he is the best pet EVER, and can't wait to get him back and take care of him! This trial run will determine if Shelby gets her OWN gecko. She said that she would like a baby one, that's pink.


Jared and Delia said...

This post reminds me of that poem that tells the cobwebs to quiet something like that...basically for all the housework to wait because the mom is rocking her baby and babies don't keep. I love it. I totally butchered that poem. Sorry.

dan shaw said...

Great Post. The important things of life can't wait. I have postponed way to many as I look back. I am so greatful that you are wiser than I. Thanks for your reminder to me of what is important.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the comment Delia. I will have to look for that poem...sounds pretty.

And Dan, thanks for your thoughts. You are right- the important things in life can't wait. All the other stuff can.