Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Same old

My brother David (LOVE him) called me the other day. "Hey, I was just thinking about you. What are you up to?" he asked.

My first response is to say "same old, same old." Like, daily routines, ups and downs, etc, and etc..., so I will spare you the monotony. And then I remember...Oh, yeah! Shelby learned to ride a bike today! And Garrett started walking! Those are not things that happen every day. Those are things that happen one day, once in a lifetime! And they are his niece and nephew, so it makes it even more special to him! And so I tell him, and he is happy for the kids, happy for me. What accomplishments, how wonderful! And that reminds me that he is right. Great stuff is happening all the time. Life is happening all the time.

(Just a note on this day. All the neighbors were outside on this sunny March day. Gavin had taken Shelby's training wheels off a few days earlier and walked her down the driveway with his hand on the back of her seat. Then the bike got put back in the garage. While I was talking with a friend, she asked "When did Shelby learn to ride a bike?" And I replied, "She hasn't." And the neighbor said, "Well she is right now!" I turn around to see her peddling down the sidewalk.)

(Once she reached Dalton, he helped her balance and pushed her off for a second trip back towards our house. This is when I was able to snap these pictures. The entire neighborhood was cheering!)
(She was so proud! Only 4 and a half! And whose filthy car is that behind her?? Somebody wash that thing puhlease!)
(Right as she ended her second lap, the phone rang. It was a call from her dad in Boston. She got to tell Dad all about what she just accomplished! He was so proud.)

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