Saturday, February 28, 2009

Disneyland feedback

Not that they have asked, but i would like to give Disneyland a bit of feedback.
  1. NOTHING SCARY THAT HAS TO DO WITH PRINCESSES. Don't they know that by the time you are a big enough girl to want to be scared, you are not in to princesses anymore. Scrap that whole stupid scary Sleeping Beauty cave thing, right after you cross the castle drawbridge, and turn it in to some sparkling pink jeweled fairy hollow. Really, I had Shelby crawling up my back and crying to leave as she is hearing Malificent's voice and seeing all these creepy dark images. And this is right at the entrance. Maybe it is their grand plan, because then you are forced to spend a mint in the princess gift store, right next door, so that she is not traumatized.
  2. FAIRIES NEED TO BE WATERPROOF. OK, if the princesses can get a covered outdoor theatre that would make Brittany Spears jealous, the fairies can get more that some lame little patch of leaves that doesn't protect their make-up when it rains. REALLY... get with the program and promote the fairies to the same level as the princesses. Fairy beauty salon, costumes for sale, etc...
  3. $15.00 a picture! Even for the ones I just get as an attachment. THAT IS ROBBERY. So, no wonder you wanted me to put my camera away, while you snapped those great shots of her with all the wanted me to have to mortgage my house later to pay for them! I mean, $5.00 a piece, fine. But 15 is robbery.
  4. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride needs to be buried. He's had his day, and no one no longer knows who the heck he is.
  5. Where's a Mulan ride?
  6. Where's a Lion King ride?
  7. Aladdin (hullo...maybe a magic carpet ride!)
  8. 101 Dalmatians??

Again, just on the souvenirs alone, they could make a mint. Don't they know that just about every kid loves jungle animals and dogs??

We loved Disneyland, don't get me wrong. It just needs to be updated, maybe by someone WITH KIDS.

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