Monday, December 15, 2008


The worst sound in the world- a baby crying.

The super worst sound is your own baby crying. And that is what I am listening to right now.

I blame it on my mother...what's new? He was fine. Sleeping REALLY well. I already went through this. And now it starts all over. That is what I get for being lazy...letting her help me. She was at my house for the whole week that Gavin was out of town. She cleaned, and prepared lunches, and watched the kids so that I could run errands (thank you, thank life saving), and SHE PUT THE BABY TO SLEEP (argh). But technically, she didn't. No, THAT would be too cruel. So, she rocked him, and bounced him, and walked with him, and sang to him so that he would not have to lay in his crib, awake, for one could I possibly do that to him? I think that the reason that it took her so long was that he was USED to putting himself to sleep and now he was having to get used to this new way. So, all my hard work out the window. And just when he gets used to her routine, in comes cold, cruel reality! Kids to get off to school, mom needing to volunteer, clean the house, shower, etc... Plus, a mom who can not spend 15 minutes three times a day, and at night, rocking a baby to sleep...oh, and again when he rolls over and is stranded on his back like a turtle. I just can't. Don't have the time, don't have the sanity, don't have the lower back strength. So, I start over. All the while cursing my mom for her need to protect this kid from one moment of discomfort. The book says "let them cry when you put them down. Don't go back in. It is the only way they will learn to self soothe". It says "don't turn them over when they flip onto their back. It will only prevent them from falling asleep in multiple positions, and start a game of you turning them over every five minutes". I know the book works. I know because it has worked for all three of my kids. It is awesome. It's just that now it has to work twice for my last kid. Here we go again.


Jared and Delia said...

Oh man! We did Babywise with Owen and are kind of doing it with Reid. It said to let them cry up to 20 minutes. That was torture like you said...but it totally worked. Reid sleeps easier and doesn't get so worked up, so we use more of the Baby Whisperer methods...anyway. Hang in there!

Sara said...

I hear you sister! It is torture. Jacob decided a month ago that he couldn't go to sleep by himself anymore. "WHAT?" I say, "Absolutely not". So, he screamed, I went completely crazy listening to it.....and now we are finally, well he is finally sleeping on his own again with no complaints. But I really don't think you can gain all of the sanity back after that kind of crying.