Friday, August 22, 2008

So I loose my two best little moms

Chloe and Shelby

Dressing up Pablo with Olivia

The girls with me and the kids

Chloe and Garrett

I am sad... I hate saying good-bye. I am loosing my two best helpers. They are like my right and left arm.

Olivia and Chloe Kirkpatrick live next door to me. They have saved me this summer. Every day Olivia has arrived in the morning, to help get kids out the door to camp, hold the baby while I shower, fold piles of laundry, make beds without being asked, make lunch for Shelby, etc...

Later in the afternoon, her sister Chloe takes over as Shelby is waking up from her nap, in time to play with her, on her level, in the land of horses and fairies. She does the dishes, walks to the market to get me ingredients for dinner, watches Dalton and his buddies in the back yard and helps the kids clean up the play room.

They are moving to Costa Rica. Just saying it makes me sad. It is SOOOOO far away. I am happy for them. What a cool life experience. I am super sad for me, and the kids. We had a going away dinner for their family tonight. What will I do without their dad, Kevin (Mr. handyman-knows how to fix anything) and their mom, Angela?

Chloe gave Shelby a pink cat, a brown horse and a silver crown the day before they moved. She is now officially guaranteed to be Shelby's favorite person in the world for about the next five years. Shelby loves that cat so much that she just laid in bed looking at it for hours. Couldn't fall asleep until midnight.

Olivia let Shelby dress up her dog, Pablo. It ranks in the top three "best times" of Shelby's little life...she talks about it every day.

Two smart, beautiful, individual, kind-hearted red-heads whom I love.
I miss you girls.

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Olive said...

Oh ashley! thank YOU for letting me play with your awesome little chickens!!! I had so much fun at your house this summer! i wouldnt say it if i didnt mean it! Oh i miss you guys so much! Tell carly hi for me and that i miss her and love her cause i have no way of contacting her. Love you guys!