Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"My Best Girl"

Having a daughter has been a joy beyond words. She makes me smile, and shake my head multiple times a day. She is always sporting something pink and frilly, except when she is dressed as a Unicorn/Pegasus. That would be one with wings AND a horn (very important fact there!!!) So there is my little pinky-pie battling it out with her brother's Pokemon one minute, and brushing her princess' hair the next. Here is a little more about my gal:
Favorite Animal: It's a tie between a horse, a pony, a unicorn, and a Pegasus
Favorite Movie: Scooby Doo
Favorite Food: Anything carb she can get her little fingers on, oh..and brownie batter (takes after mom on that last one)
Favorite Cartoon: Diego
Favorite Drink: Chocolate milk
Favorite Dog: Golden Retriever (wants one SOOOO bad)
Favorite Person: Dalton
Least Favorite Thing: Nap time
Least Favorite Food: Spaghetti noodles (hates the texture, but loves meatballs if we tell her that they are people and she gets to be the monster and eat them!)


Dan K Shaw said...

Great Pics, great kids, great family. Had a great time at the reunion, thanks so much for coming. Love you guys, keep up the good work.

Chip and Lisa said...

oh I share your joy of a daughter and mine is only 6 months old. Shelby is absolutly precious. I love those pictures!!!!

Ashley said...

Dan, I love you! I will be posting the pics from the family reunion soon.

Lisa, I am soooo happy that you got your girl. Now, the question is- will you have another? I only ask this because I am agonizing over it as I give away all of Shelby's Oililly clothes. Ridiculous to think about having another girl so that her clothing could get another round of wear...but what can I say- I am efficient! Just kidding (kind of) :) I don't they REALLY need a sister, or are we cool enough as moms, that we can take the place? What do you think??

Danielle Hatch said...

Ashley we definitely need to get together and introduce our little guys! I should be coming down to Utah some time during the holidays so i'll let you know :) and if you guys are ever in our neck of the woods we can take your kids to visit cameron's parents exotic animal farm, it's basically paradise for any kid between the age of 2-8.