Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The jaws of death

So...Why is it that I can successfully nurse my first two children until they are old enough to ask for it (well, maybe not THAAT old, but just about...) but with my third it is as if it is my first time? It got to the point that I had an all out melt down. Ask Gavin- it was scary. And it was totally called for!

My right nipple was literally being pulled off of my body. It had cracked in multiple places, and each time Garrett would latch on, it would rip it more and more. Sounds fun, doesn't it! Add to that the fact that the kid wants to nurse ALL DAY, and now you see why I thought I might need to be committed.

I finally swallowed my pride, after Gavin talked me down off the ledge, and called a lactation consultant. I met with her the same day. This was the same woman that I had shooed away at the hospital when she came to inquire if I could use some help. "Who, me? Oh no, I've done this before...I'm an old pro!" Well here I was, back at the hospital, with my baby who is two months old and weighs as much as a six month old. (over 15 pounds, and the kid started out two months ago at 7 pounds). She looked at me, like "Where's the kid who is having a hard time eating? Cause this sure can't be him." She took me in to a vacant room where she first checked Garrett's sucking ability. Then she checked me out. "Yep, it all looks good." Next she showed me a bunch of tricks that I don't want to bore you with, but needless to say- I can go on living (and nursing).

Garrett was a bit bugged. Here is this lady ramming his head in to my breast, and squeezing his face. He was looking at her like "Listen lady, too old to teach this dog new tricks." But luckily, he wanted the food bad enough to follow along, and now hopefully it will all work out. Yikes...who knew!? BTW- thank you Gav for your late night run to Dan's to get me:

A.) a manual pump

B.) lanolin

C.) breast pads

D.) and Kozy Shack chocolate pudding... lifesaving!


Chip and Lisa said...

Honestly you have got to make some money in your writing ablilty. I am laughing my head off right now. I love your honest and able to make light out of bleeding nipples!!! At least you are able to feed him, I am all dried up and it's killing me. Just hang in there because one day he will realize what his mom did for him. Wait he is a boy, who are we kidding. Good luck!!!

The Jones' said...

I love your honesty...your right nursing sucks, I am glad you got help though, so maybe it will get better for you/ The wanting to nurse thing never stopped for me, every two hours till he was ready to wean. So I hope it works out better for you, but then my baby that is almost eighteen months barely weighs 20lbs, go figure/ Why do all the skinny girls get fat babies? Some people just get all the luck. Miss you! But thanks for the laugh, I do not miss nursing/

karen said...

Perhaps little Garrett will find himself a nice big cannister of Enfamil from Aunt Karen with a bow on top in the mailbox tomorrow if he's not a little more gentle with you! You've got way more wherewithall than I did with Jax. No being naughty, Garrett Otto. Hopefully things will improve...

Ashley said...

Oh, you said it. I think that three months may be the finish line for me and the nursing. Maybe my nipples are broken. They had a few good runs, and now they are through!

We can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving!!