Sunday, October 23, 2011

That's life

I have a head cold.  Dalton has the same cold.  I suspect that we all do.  It's just a matter of time before we are all miserable.  I suspect that the time that it will manifest in the other kids is one minute after Gavin walks out the door to go to the airport tomorrow.

I have about a million hours of school work to do.  I have what feels like a million hours of volunteer work for the elementary school to do.

We put an offer in on a home down in Southern Utah.  No idea if we'll get it.  There were other offers that the bank was looking at.  It was a foreclosed property.  I dream about getting it.  Not that it is anything fancy, but that it would force us to go down south and use it.  Force us to be in the sunshine, and out in nature.

It means that I would have to give up my renovation plan for my house in Salt Lake.  But I am not accepting that.  I think that if I scale back my renovation plan then maybe we can do both.  That, and the clouds will start raining gumdrops and my laundry will miraculously wash and fold and put away itself.  I know, I am delusional.  But life is better in delusion land.

I think that Gavin is secretly praying that we don't get the house down south.  He would prefer to sit on his nest egg and never have it hatch, or crack, or show a sign of life.  I on the other hand would like to use it up, drink it up, get the most of it while we can.  What good is it to us when we're old, or dead?  He has more "rational" ideas like paying for our kids college, and paying off our home, and retiring at the age of 65.  To the first I say, I will get a job eventually (which is feeling further and further away to him as I take fewer and fewer hours at school and dream of ten new combined degrees that I could pursue) and I will pay for the kids schooling.

To the second I say Why do we care about paying our house off?  It's this Armageddon-outlook that he has where he has to be prepared in case the world comes to an end and we have to live off the land.  I shouldn't joke about it, because I know that it can happen all too easily.  Not the world coming to an end, but losing your job.  A lot of people are out of work.  His Dad went through some tough times.  And I think that the last place he wants to be in is financial panic.

As to the bit about retiring at the age of 65, that kind of sounds like death to me.  I mean, I get that if you're working a job that sucks, you want to have an end date.  But because I haven't even started my career, I want to work as long as I have the brain cells to do it.  I don't want to be punching a time clock, and hopefully I will never have to.  But I want to be actively engaged, at least in my community.

Dalton was invited to go to this SUPER-CREEPY haunted house for his friend's birthday party.  He is feeling cruddy so I think that I am going to say no.  I wanted to say no all along.  This big tough guy of mine gets scared pretty easily.  I remember when he was about six years old he had a nightmare watching Annie.    Let's just say that some dark and devily place is not the first experience I want him to have with a Haunted House.  Plus, with Gavin being out of town this week, I don't need one more kid crying to come in to bed with me while I am feeling sick.  Mean Mom...I know.

OK, I am going to get started on my homework, but I want to put down my thoughts from my recent road trip that I took BY MYSELF.  Oh, the joy.

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