Friday, September 02, 2011

one day

This weekend I could just sleep.  Kids are going to be with grandma for a few days.  Gavin and I have a concert to go to.  I could just pull the covers up over my head and fall fast asleep for a long time.

However, I do have a spa gift certificate that I could FINALLY cash in.  And I have toe nails that are now three inches thick, because I have this lazy habit of just painting them over and over and over when they are chipping.  And it gets so thick that I have to go in because short of turpentine, no nail polish remover is going to get this polish off.  So, I could actually pay someone to put nail polish on my nails...

But then again, that is taking away from the sleep department.  For my book group next week we are reading the Amazing life of Oscar Woa or Mow, or something.  I need to get cracking on it...

Tonight we had Back to School Night.  It was OK.  Not a great turn out, in part because it was the first U of U home game of the season.  When I got home "my darling" (Garrett) said, "Mom, cum luk whut I made in here wight now, OK?"  I went in to see a beautiful arrangement of those tiny IKEA beads that you iron, that are currently his obsession.  He could do those things for hours on end...hallelujah!

Wow, I said, I better iron that.  "Yeah, you iwon it, OK mahm?"  In his little spidy undies, with his fluffy hair, and his wide grin, I could EAT HIM.  It's like in "Where the Wild Things Are" him up I love him so.  We snuggled in his car bed while we read a story about Custard the Dragon.  He snuggled, and spooned me.  Oh, I could drink it in.

Then Shelby came in to show me the calendar that she made in school that only took her 15 minutes, and showed me that her and her dad just finished reading her Junie B Jones library book.  She felt very happy because I reported that her teacher told me that she loved Shelby, especially her cute dimples.  It does feel good to be loved.

Dalton was wearing my robe, looking far too tired for my liking, especially since he has lacrosse tomorrow.  He had just finished reading a chapter of The Hunger Games.  We talked about it.  I really like that series and thought he might really like it.  But to be honest, I get controlling because I want to read it with him, so that I can make sure that he understands the themes and talk with him about how he feels about what's being presented.  It's some pretty heavy stuff if you get what they are talking justice, capitalism versus socialism, ethnocentrism, classism, meritocracy, and the dominant discourse.  (Oh, my Diversity teacher would be so proud! :)  But, he wants to read ahead...wants to race ahead.  Mom is feeling left behind.  Not liking that feeling one bit.     Not liking admitting that one bit either.

OK, time to watch the Community Access Channel because for some reason I am enthralled with the City Council's pre-taped discussion on what type of preservation methods they should adopt through out the city.

Oh, and after watching one episode...or two, of Selling New York, I can almost say with certainty that Realtors are the most over paid and undereducated group of semi-professionals on the planet earth...maybe oil sheiks tie for first place (and this coming from someone who was a realtor for years, and whose family members have all been realtors). is it legal?  Show a person through a door to look at 800 square feet of space, produce a pencil to have them fill in the blanks of a 6 page document, and you've just "earned" $500,000.  In what world is that even moral?

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