Thursday, September 22, 2011

cleaning the house

Spent the whole flippin' morning cleaning the house.  I am kind of happy about it but kind of annoyed.  I mean, who gives a fart that my laundry room floor is now swept?  Maybe part of what is annoying is that when you live in an 80 year old home, it can still feel dusty and grimy right after you clean it.  I mean, there is no way that I can get in to every old nook and cranny in this little house.

The architect is coming by tomorrow with the plans for our remodel.  I am excited.  I would put three exclamation marks behind that, but I am too beat from cleaning.

I love the idea of having a new interior that is more open for the way that families live now a days, with the charm of the old brick tutor exterior.  It won't be anything grand.  From the outside you probably won't even be able to tell a difference, which I like...I want this house to remain true to it's roots.

I'll take before and after photos.  The idea is to move out right after the holidays, in to a rental in the area (hopefully right on our street or super close by) and have the project completed by May.  I know, it sounds impossible.  I mean, they are going to be ripping the roof off the house, and almost completely gutting the interior.  But this builder is known as the builder who gets things done fast, on time, and even sometimes early.  You pay for it, but I think it will be worth it.

Right now we have lots of little darling rooms that were perfect when we had teeny tiny kids.  But now our kids are bigger, and they always have their big friends over.  On top of that, I used to love to have our rooms next to each other so that if one of the kids had a nightmare, or was sick, I could hear them breathe through the old lath and plaster walls.  Now that they're bigger, they could use a little more privacy, and so could Mom and Dad.

I need to go shower before the kids get home from school and while Garrett is napping.  Then there will be cookies to bake for an Equinox celebration in Dalton's hippy school, and a second batch for the neighborhood Kids Against Cancer bake sale that is going on this Saturday.  It will be a good afternoon.

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