Saturday, May 14, 2011

Busy time

Life.  Two cats curled up in front of me.  Beautiful son who just fixed himself his first grilled cheese sandwich ever (via microwave) sitting at the table, looking outside the window.  He's freshly bathed after a sweaty lacrosse game where he scored a great goal and blocked about five shots as goalie.  Is there such a thing as loving your son too much?  I love him.  What an athlete, what a heart, what a kind brother, what a sweet personality, what a creative soul, what a social conscience.  He is so wonderful.  I pinch myself that he's mine.  Lucky lucky me.

Now the cats are awake...those lazy cats.  Gavin is snoring in the bedroom.  Taking a nap, like he always does on the weekend...even though I am the one that needs it after my 3:00 AM bedtime after book group at my house last night.  Things to do today.  Signs to hang for the Uintah Art Night.  Calls to make to plug in volunteer spots.  Flowers and mulch to plant and spread in the front.  The little kids have been with my Mom and Dan overnight at the ranch.  I miss them.  Not having Garrett's wild energy around definitely makes the house feel quiet.  

I have sent Dalton to read, hoping to get a moment of shut eye before the world needs me again.  A busy end of the month.  I think it will be great.  It will. :)

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