Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is why my eyes will be puffy tomorrow...

I was really touched by President Obama's granted, I know that they are not all his own. There have been speechwriters for Presidents for who-knows-how-long. There are speechwriters for Popes and Presidents of churches. There are speechwriters for people to whom we the public have assigned importance, and for whom every word matters. So, it's not that I am amazed at how thoughtful our President's words were, or how he eulogized each fallen American as if they were a member of his family, or how he had to fight back the tears when speaking of the little girl who lost her life who was about his own daughter's age. No...I just felt comforted by his words. I felt like they were kind, and appropriate, and civil, and completely free of bias or politics- where he could have picked other speeches and scored political points or pointed fingers at others, if that would have been his motivation.

And I know that some mistrust him. Because he isn't of their political if Heavenly Father creates good and bad people whose DNA run red or blue. Or because he isn't of their race, as if that is something that matters, or that he has any control over. Or because he is intimidating, because he is if we wouldn't hope for the exact same for our own children if they were given the opportunity, and how we would praise it if our best friend's child was excelling in the same way. As if he can't be good, because he is too good to be true. There must be something wrong with him, because he doesn't remind us enough of ourselves. Like the naughty, faltering, catty ones are the ones that we embrace because we can love our own faults a little more if we condone it in others. Because he is not of our religion, as if we had some patent on goodness that only a half of one percent of the world was privy to. Because maybe we felt that way a while back, and if we stopped feeling that way, we'd have to admit we were wrong...and he really is a good person, like almost every other person in the world, who is trying his best. Cause even though we know people change...and heaven knows that we expect everyone to remember that when we falter and try to get up and begin again and be better, it hurts like the dickens to have to eat crow and admit the same for others.

But maybe we don't have to eat crow. Maybe instead, softly in our hearts, we just think to ourselves that we can see his goodness, and love him for it, like a mother loves her child. We can look past the petty, and see the big picture, and try to support those that are trying so hard to make this world a better place. There are many paths to the top of the mountain, and we do not have to forgo our own path and fall in line. But we can support all of our brothers and sisters in their paths and see their success in reaching the top as something to cheer about, instead of something that threatens our own success. We can see that all paths have more in common than they do in difference. I support Obama..not because he is perfect...but because he is trying so hard. And he is a true gentleman who uses his position to do the most good he can...who has the spirit with him...and leads this country with hope, instead of fear...and now I rest my case. :)

OK, so here is the speech.

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Delia said...

I'm an Obama fan too. :)