Saturday, July 10, 2010

Life today

I haven't been writing much...or at least I haven't been publishing what I have been writing. Trying to figure it out. I was so busy for a spell. Insane really. A semester at the U where I had taken too many classes, one of them being an online one that I repeatedly seemed to forget I had signed up for (note to self: NEVER take an online class again). While trying to get straight A's, I also was swamped with trying to turn my child's Elementary School Art Night event in to a fundraiser to raise money for various programs. These two major things, combined with several other "minor" causes, and I was up to my eyeballs...just staying afloat.

When it was all over, I did get A's in two of the classes. The online one I got a B in, which normally would have really disappointed me, but I was just happy to have that one over with. And the fundraiser did raise $20,000, which was double our goal, so at least that amount of time and energy wasn't spent in vain. However, when it was all said and done- the Elementary School's Fun Run, and Earth Day assembly, and School Community Council, and the city's Open Space program, and on and on and on I was BEAT DEAD.

I think I slept for a week straight. And then I thanked my Mother for being the Mother to my children for the last semester and thanked my husband for being super Mom/Dad, doing the majority of the wash and the cooking and the cleaning and the parenting while I was MIA. And then he said, "never again" in no uncertain terms, and I agreed. It had been too much.

And then the blessed summer. It came slowly. It was cooler than normal. A lot of rain. But no where to go, no place for us to was a welcome change. Sleeping in, and cartoons, and no homework for any of us. In the midst of this there was Garrett's birthday (he turned 2) and a trip to Boston, and other fun or not so fun things. But fatigue seems to win over when the end of the day comes. Plus Garrett was not sleeping well. Or should I say he was climbing very well...right out of his crib...every night. At first it would just happen once, and he would stand at his door and cry. I would wake up, open the door, and put him back in his crib. My delirium-induced threats were enough to scare him in to staying put for the rest of the night. But then he learned to open his door. And then the threats lost their power. And then it was night after night after night, and time after time after time. And soon Garrett would just end up in our bed because I was too exhausted to fight it any longer.

The morning would come, and I would wake with the same fatigue that I'd fallen asleep with. So when I had reached my breaking point, I bought a crib tent. I know, it's along the same vein as the kid-leash, but guess what, I've got one of those too. Garrett was not thrilled with it. No big surprise there- this is the kid who was born running. But desperate times call for desperate measures, so now Garrett would be staying in his bed through the night.

And now nights are more sane. Life is more sane. Days at the pool, days hiking with buddies, evenings with friends, tennis lessons, walks to the local sno cone shack... it's been a good summer so far.

I sit here right now watching Pinocchio with the two little kids while Dalton and his grandma go to see the new movie "Despicable Me" in the theatres. I didn't let Shelby go because I thought that film looked too mature for her. But as we sit here watching Pinocchio, I am realizing that this old "classic" is a little weirder than I remember it being. We have been sick this morning. My guess was bad fish. But Dalton ate it too and seems to be fine. It could be a bug. Or pool water...but again- Dalton is perfectly fine. Shelby is better, but I am still doubled over every fifteen minutes or so. It's been like breathing through contractions. Garrett just woke up, and now Gavin is waking up from a nap. And so the day goes on. Time to cut out Garrett's tag on his shirt before he blows a gasket. Shelby is frothing at the mouth for the pink cupcake that her grandma brought her (no better cure for an upset stomach). And I am considering showering for the day.

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Jared and Delia said...

Wow...I can't believe you endured through all that so well and came out on top. I hope you get feeling better.