Wednesday, December 23, 2009


OK..when I have something truly horrific to get it HANDWASHING dishes (yep..still doing that) or writing a really witty one-liner in two hundred Christmas cards..I think of everything and ANYTHING that I could do first. So I just cleaned out my Favorites bar. Ten websites featuring dog birthday cakes that I was going to attempt to recreate. Lots of sites on landscaping..for when we get around to that some day. Blogs that don't work anymore because the people have gotten paranoid and gone private. Neener, neener..I don't want to read you anymore anyways.'s all cleaned out. Just the stuff that works there now. So...I am looking at this stack of cards that is to my right. Here it is:

(and yes that's pink bath crayon drawn on the side of my table..from Garrett, that I have not bothered to wash off). So...I should get to those cards. And then I remember that my email account needs cleaning out. I do have 325 saved emails. heard me right...325. Because, well...I might need one of them one day. And don't even get me started on my email address book...oy vey. But I will be strong. I think I can..I think I can..I think I can. Oh wait, I think I see some dust bunnies waiting for me over in the corner.

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lindsey loo said...

you are so funny! seriously.