Monday, November 16, 2009


Yesterday, Garrett was laying next to me on the couch for about a half a second, before he unraveled something else in the house. And in that half a second he saw two things: My underarm hair (which was NOT very long) and a mole on my arm.

"Cuckky...Yuccckkkk!", he says as he is trying to pick the mole off my arm.

I say "yuck" this way when I am trying to drive home a point with him. Like the nastiness of the cat food that he is swallowing in gulps. Or the third marker that he has just chewed up and consumed. If it's a penny, or a crayon, it gets a "yuck" too. But the truly heinous things get a big drawn out "Cuuuckkkk!"

And that's what my mole and underarm hair got.

**And just so you don't worry that he is undernurished- the kid eats more than Shelby or Dalton. This morining it was three peices of ham, a bowl of Cinnamon Life, a peice of cheese, a cup of juice and a cup of yougurt. NO IDEA where it goes.

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