Sunday, October 25, 2009

In my class last week the teacher asked us to write a paper on who we discriminate against. Obviously most of us are not guilty of outright discrimination. But it was an interesting question. Who do I internally discriminate against? What group do I have preconceived notions about? What group do I consider worthy of my righteous judgement? What group causes me to roll my eyes, or turn the TV channel? It's a tricky area. Because if you are honest...really find out that you feel and think things that you don't want to admit.

Like, you think things about people who have too many cats, or eat too much, or wear too much make-up, or live in South Jordan, or drive a Hummer, or a Range Rover, or a motorcycle, or eat at Chuck-a-Ramma, or the Olive Garden, or go through the Drive-Thru to get a super-duper Big Gulp...

or people who yell at their kids, or shop with their kids when the kids are screaming, or people who litter, or people who smoke, or people who run marathons, or people who get plastic surgery, or people who are ultra-religious, or people who are not religious, or people who lie, or people who have children when they shouldn't, or people who don't have children when they should...

or people who speed, or people who are rude, or people who want to be famous, or criminals, or pedophiles, or drug users, or workaholics, or social climbers, or Republicans, or Democrats.

You just have thoughts about people. It's human nature.
So, I am going to write this paper. And I am not sure what will come out...I'll let you know.

On a side note, here are the Men whom I would ask to be part of our family, if Gavin wanted me to have multiple husbands (and don't think that Gavin doesn't have a ten page list of potential sister-wives for me...cause he does...and we compare lists).
  • Don Draper, from Mad Men (OH MY...he is to-die for. There is a God because his character exists).

  • Adrian Brody (as long as he plays the character from The Brothers Bloom).

  • That actor who was in The Count Of Monte Cristo (he played the count).

  • Eddie Vedder (ten years ago).

  • Dave Mathews (with more hair).

  • Steven Colbert (in or out of character).

  • The guy from Talk Soup and the new show Community.

  • The Argentinian Polo player who is the spokesperson for Ralph Lauren.

    1. Here is the formula: you have to be a combination of at least two of the following:
      funnier than crap, hotter than crap, more damaged than crap, passionate about issues that are important, or smarter than crap.

      9. Reza Aslan...he is smarter than crap...and funny...and hot.

      OK, so just so you know...there's my list. You always want to be prepared. You never know.


      Sage said...

      you are right on with that list!

      Sage said...

      and that Argentinian is FINE!

      Jared and Delia said...

      That paper sounds intriguing. I hope you post your paper if you feel comfortable doing that. I am CONSTANTLY judging people. I try to turn that part of my brain off or ignore it but it is always running that judgmental comment reel that can be kind of funny to listen to sometimes.

      cheryl said...

      The actor from the count is lovely and don't Eddie and Dave have the most divine voices?!