Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I should warn you...


So, Garrett's diaper is about to burst, from so much pee. I take it off, toss it in the trash, and walk back to get him a new one from his room. When I return to the front room, this is what I find. Thanks Garrett. Thanks for proving the existence of Murphy's Law.

I took this picture with my camera phone, to send to Gavin, who is traveling. Ugh...and it's only 9:00 AM. Garrett thought it was hilarious...as did Shelby. I did have a few laughs myself...to stay sane.

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karen said...

that turd cracks me up. probably because just today Charlotte felt it prudent to produce a couple of nurdles in her big girl pants at the pizza parlor with me having no extra pants/underwear/diaper for her.

it was special.