Saturday, October 17, 2009

I have a midterm to study for, which obviously means I want to do the following first:
  • scrub my house from top to bottom with something involving bleach/ammonia/and fire.
  • mow my lawn.
  • go through all the Tupperware clothes bins and get out all the winter stuff.
  • clean out the gutters and french drains.
  • go the the grocery store.
  • wash all the sheets...twice.
  • organize all my photos.
  • learn to do computery stuff.
  • clean out my email inbox from the last two years of emails that have gathered.

As you can see, this must be some type of illness that I have. Since, under normal circumstances I would rather eat feces than do most of these things. But oh, how studying motivates me to do otherwise menial chores that I usually put off. Gavin says that our house is never cleaner than when I have a test coming up.

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Jared and Delia said...

And...getting over sickness I am sure too. Whenever I have been too sick to do anything I feel like a Nazi cleaning woman that minute I get better. Good luck on your midterm!