Thursday, September 24, 2009

last night

Last night Shelby and I are laying in her bed. The baby was trying to decide if he was going to fall asleep right away, next door in his crib. Shelby told me that it was OK if I needed to go lay with Dad in his bed until he fell asleep and then I could come back in hers. I said that was OK but I would probably lay with her in her bed until she fell asleep. We snuggled. Our arms intertwined over and under one another, until we were a big octopus, wound around one another. We intermittently kissed each others cheeks and said how much we loved the other. Then I would close my eyes and open them to find Shelby a quarter inch from my face, her eyes beaming and her grin as wide as the Cheshire cat's. Like she could not possibly close her eyes, or her mother may vanish. So she lay there, not blinking, just smiling and staring. And right before the baby began to scream and the boys walked in from Dalton's flag football game, we had this conversation:

A: Do you want to have a boy baby when you get big, or a girl baby?
S: A boy baby, and then a girl, and then a boy and then a girl and then a boy and then a girl...are you going to have any more babies?
A: I don't know. Do you think I should?
S: Well, let's have the doctor cut open your stomach and see if there are any more babies in there.
A: Well, there are no babies in there right now. Just eggs.
S: Like a chicken?
A: Yeah. Except mine don't have a hard shell. Just a mushy one.
S: So if you punched your eggs would it hurt them?
A: I think so.
S: Do your eggs live in the bottom of your stomach?
A: Yes (I have no idea how to explain where a uterus exists). well, they aren't in my stomach. They are in a place close to my stomach, called a uterus.
S: That is so gross.
A: Why is that so gross?
S: Because that probably smells so bad. How many eggs do you have?
A: A lot.
S: Does dad have two eggs?
A: No, he has two balls that have millions of eggs (not sure how to differentiate between sperm and an egg).

I think that this is when Garrett woke up. So I told her that I would be in after I checked on him. When I went back in to her room she was asleep.

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