Tuesday, September 08, 2009

COnversations today

Both Shelby and I have "oowies" (how do you spell that word?) on one of our fingers. So I am going to leave my misspellings, and my weird capitalizations, so that you can see how one stupid injury is affecting my ty[ping. OK, here are some of our family conversations today:

this morning, She;by and me:

(Shel;by was acting pouty because...I can't remember)

me: "I feel like I want to put you in bed."

Shelby: "I feel like I want to put you in jail."

Dalton and me tonight, after reading Harry Potter:

Dalton was trying to give away the plot to the third book, since he'd seen the movie.

I was telling him that I would pinch his bootie if he did.

Dalt: "Today, I walked by the lunchroom, and we were having chicken nuggets...and I saw the ;lunch lady cut off chicken's nuggets!!....harharharhar!!!!!" (emphasis being on the word nuggets, since you know what those mean!)

Shelby and I writing a birthday card for her friend Hanna:

me: "What do you want me to write?"

Shelby: "Say, Happy Birthday Hanna. I am so proud of you that you are having a birthday. You are welcome for this present. I think you look really tall today."

Me and Shelby at the table, at lunch time:

Me (talking to Garrett): "Oh, this is dangerous. You are so cute, it's dangerous."

Sis: "Why is it dangerous?"

Me: "Because he is so cute, that I have to bite him, and suck on his cheeks, and I want to pinch him. And I could eat him. And that's why it's so dangerous."

Sis: "Well, I will call the police."

Gavin and I (yesterday):

Me: "Gavin, why are you using my rug in your bathroom?"

Gav: "Why do you do your hair in my bathroom?"

Me: "I do that once a year."

Gav: "Oh, really...once a year?"

Me: "Well, more like once a month. And just so I don't wake the baby...but this isn't about that. Why are you using my rug? Do you need a new rug?"

Gav: "Yes."

Me: "Then just say that. Why do you have to turn everything around back to me?"

Gav: "I don't know? Why do you?"

Shelby and I reading stories tonight:

Sis: "Let's read this book, cause in it the boy drives the Mom crazy." (I'll Love You Forever...one of our favorite books.)

Me: "OK."

Sis: "Cause this boy looks like Dalton and Dalton drives me crazy."

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karen said...

thanks for the laughs. The "I want to put you in jail" and "Well I will call the police." are too much. kids and their unexpurgated honesty. love it.