Thursday, August 06, 2009

No idea

Really, I am going to take some type of a class.

I swear I am.


For some blasted reason my comments section is not working.

I know, I know, this is like the little old lady saying that the reason she's not getting mail from her grandkids is because the mail system is broken, even though her mail man somehow manages to deliver all her bills. But this is different...I swear....I hope.

So, you have been emailing me telling me that you have not been able to leave a comment on my blog.
Some thing has changed. What?...Who knows?
The weather? My computer's time of the month? The God of Blogger avenging my cursing tirades against him? Probably more than likely- me pushing some damned button that has forever altered the state of my Universe.

So, if you have any ideas you can...oh wait, YOU CAN'T LEAVE A COMMENT.

You can email me at or facebook me, as that is what some of you have done too.
Really, don't make me that little old granny.
That reminds me...I need to call my grandma.


Julie Miller said...

Sorry I couldn't leave you a comment!

Julie Miller said...

I was just testing to see if it would work, guess it did! Hope you are doing well!

dan shaw said...

aw back to normal.