Saturday, September 12, 2009


We've been eating a lot of sausages lately. They've been delicious...each one better than the last. None of us could ever go back to hot dogs. We have found local sausages that are carried by our local butcher. And they have things like spinach and feta in them, or bordello wine, or mushrooms and Gouda. Regardless, it's like a whole new world has opened up. And Garrett loves them, which is he can eat something other than black beans and American cheese.

So I am cutting up a sausage for him the other day and I remember something. I remember watching that show with Anthony Bordain on the Travel Channel. It was the one on sausages. And in it he says that every culture on earth has a passion for eating sausages...or "lips and a**holes".

Now, I know that there are parts of my food that I don't care to think about. And I also know that this is one of them. Except, then I start thinking about why I wouldn't want to eat a lip or an a**hole. And it turns out that there is no really good reason. I mean why is eating the butt of an animal, or it's shoulder, less gross than eating it's lip or butt hole? They both sound pretty gross to me.

Some of the pioneers that crossed the plains, years ago, had to eat other humans. And I doubt that when they were eating them they were thinking "Oh, my neighbor's ribs are delicious. But his lips would have been gross." No. He is probably thinking, "Meat is meat, and I am going to stay alive."

And so it is with sausage. I have come to the point that they can throw in the kitchen sink if they like. It is of no matter. I would love to have the animal raised naturally, organically, fed with some type of wild grass and spring waters. But as to which parts...I think which ever taste best.

If I were a vegetarian...I would be disgusted. And now I see why. Because to them, you are Jefferey Dahmer. You are gross because you eat ANY part of an animal. So if you are in the carnivorous camp...the side of the flesh eating mammals- then you may as well go all the way.

And now I am thinking I may branch out. Who knows...maybe next it will be a plate of tongue...and lips...with a side of a**hole.

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