Monday, May 04, 2009

On Saturday I was a docent for the Historic Home Tour, that takes place annually in my neighborhood. The perk was a free ticket to tour the homes. Shelby wanted to come with me on this "grown up" adventure. So we set off, Shelby on her bike, and me following behind.

I snapped some pictures as we walked along our street.

My neighbor's house reminds me of something from "The Hobbit".

Pretty tree, and pretty brick.

The little old lady who lives here trims these trees in to perfect little puff-balls. Bless her heart.

Fun roof color with navy and red bricks!

The tour was a few streets over, where the homes get substantially bigger and more grandiose.

I like the marriage of the modern xeroscaping and outdoor sculpture, with the historic architecture. This yard is amazing in the summer, when everything is in bloom.

We started at my friend Alyson's home. I brought along my camera, but the second I pulled it out I got read the riot act. There was no photography allowed in the homes. I nodded repentantly, and then whipped my camera out the second the lady left. I later told Alyson's husband of my transgression, to which he laughed.

This is her funky blue front door (with the NO PHOTOS sign taped to it).

I LOVE her dining room. Fun chandelier, great table. You don't see the funky buffet behind me that is aqua blue with an antique slab of marble on it...awesome! She has papered the room in the coolest green and black velvet damask paper, with the kid's study off of it in red.

On to house number two. This home was my favorite home on the tour. LOVE the dutch roof, with the red wood shingles. Love the single paned windows with all their details. Love the yard...and I LOVE the inside. Really...every single room.

The gorgeous windows:

One of my favorite rooms, the dining room,
papered in toile fabric with a tribal antique rug on the floor:

The wood panelled walls:

The marble and wood inlaid floors:
Even the funky bathrooms:

Shelby especially loved this all-pink one!
I was taking these photos incognito, so I didn't get some of my favorite rooms, like the master or the kitchen. But, you get the point- CHARACTER! Oh the charm. I could have stayed all day, but Shelby reminded me it was time to move on. The next houses were beautiful as well. I snapped a few more pics of some of my favorite houses on the street.

This one was a charmer with a back yard that was like something out of "The Secret Garden".

I met up a friend towards the end, and as we walked back to our humble little abodes, we chatted about our personal favorites, which ones we coveted, the ideas that we wanted to take back and try to reproduce in our own homes, and our "plans" (or lack thereof) of which homes we'd love to "end up in". As unassuming as my home is, in comparison to those beauties, I am satisfied with it...for now. It suits us well. Not too big, not too small. Lots of charm, plenty of projects to keep us out of trouble, and even more great neighbors to keep us company. Yes, I like my little house...but it is fun to dream.


Elisabeth said...

Great pics, Ashley! I love your neighborhood.

Sara said...

Ash....too bad I had to miss it. We were at the germ pit instead...but making good family memories. I'm glad Shelby got to go too. It looks like was really fun.