Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Johnson Women

My mom, Paula, with her mother Lucile.

My mother's family- the Johnson's, are a lot of fun...a lot of estrogen, a lot of brunettes, a lot of white teeth, a lot of drama, a lot of energy and a lot of love. I could go on for days with stories staring these lovely ladies. Maybe some day I will. For now, here are pictures from our most recent get-together- Christy's wedding shower.

My cousin Michelle (My Mother's brother-Bart's, daughter), with her daughter (who has a name that I can neither spell nor pronounce. Think it's Celtic with some interesting meaning. Good luck to her with that one).

Kristen, my sister, with Christy (the bride-to-be) and my Mom Paula.

Me, Jenny (married to my cousin Rob, who is "Cookie's son), Krissy-only I call her that (my sis), Colleen (whom I have called Aunt Cookie since I was a child), and my cousin Stephanie (Cookie's daughter).

Christy, Kristen, me and Christy's twin sister April.

Love you girls.

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Aimee said...

Hi Ashley- I love your blog! I love this photo of your mom, Kristen and you! You all look amazing. I miss Kristen almost daily and am glad she is doing amazing. Regards to you and your family. Aimee Pier