Monday, April 27, 2009

crappy and not-so-crappy

I was reading my favorite magazine, Cookie, by the tub tonight while Garrett was in it. He sits in this heavy-duty tub ring, that has an arm that hooks over the side of the tub so there is NO WAY he can get out. I really recommend it.
The other kind, he can maneuver out of in about five seconds flat. This tub ring means that Garrett is confined (with adult supervision, of course) for 15 minutes every night, which is PRICELESS. At the end of the day, you just need that 15 minutes to remind yourself to it takes about that long to soak off all the layers of food that have been sticking to his body. So, I am sitting on the floor, reading a really great article about Amazing Moms who are giving back to wonderful causes and charities, when I notice that Garrett is remarkably quiet...bad sign. I look up to see him smiling. He is chewing on something. "A bath toy", I think...except this one is oozing out of his mouth. And then I look down. Ahhhhh! Yep...poop in the tub! I quickly swiped my finger through his mouth and caught the majority of what he had put in there. I called to Gavin, who took a swaddled little baby to get decontaminated in another room, while I pulled out all the bath toys (which will all have to be sterilized...moan) and disassembled the tub ring. I then proceeded to scoop all the little floaties. I had forgotten about this. I am sure that Dalton did this same thing (think we caught it before he got it in his mouth) but I don't remember about Shelby. I kind of laughed as I scooped away. Only so many times you get to do this in your life...

So I figured I may as well enjoy the journey. One day they may be scooping my poop from a tub and changing my depends...although I sure hope not. Regardless, poop happens...and that's life.

On less crappy note: Dalton had a good football practice, is 2 chapters away from finishing the first Harry Potter book (looking forward to our Harry Potter movie party to celebrate afterwards), Shelby did crafts with Grace WITH scissors and it did not end in any hair cutting- praise the Lord!, and Garrett and I went for a drive through one of my favorite nearby neighborhoods; looking at all the hundred-year-old houses and their landscaping, to get ideas for our yard. LOVE OLD HOMES.


Janet said...

Poop does happen sometimes, doesn't it. Our kids have done the same. That house is amazing! I love old homes too.

Danielle Hatch said...

Hi Ashley,
Here's a link to the Raspberry Bread Pudding recipe
I added an extra egg and cinnamon for a little more flavor and fresh whipped cream made it truly fab.
~as an afterthought i feel a bit odd leaving a recipe in response to a post about eating poop, but such is the life of a mother