Thursday, January 01, 2009

A New Year

But not really. Really, it's just a new day. And that is OK with me. I hate New Year's. I think that it is super anti-climatic. In the past I have made these awesome resolutions. Ways that I can improve, things that I can do to be better. By week three, I have blown it, and I spend the rest of the year beating myself up about it. So, no more. Today is a new day, not a new year. And so I take it a day at a time. Don't get me wrong, I DO want to be better, and DO better. I just am going to be a little kinder to myself this year on the path to getting there. I'd love to cook more, and try out more healthy recipes that taste good. I'd like to work on being a better friend. I'd like to get more organized. Have more patience with the kids. Appreciate Gavin more. Get a dog. Get outside and in to nature. READ, READ, READ.

Loved Oprah today. The Author of Happiness Now was on, and he said that some people have "Destination Addiction", meaning that they will be happy when they get a new house. But once they have it, they will be happy when it is furnished, but once they have that then there is a new destination to reach. And so one will never achieve happiness, if it is always on hold until the next destination. I don't want that to be me. Always in pursuit, and never satisfied with what is in front of me. My life is very full. I have much to be grateful for. Family, friends, things, experiences. It's all how you look at it. So, enough of my rambling. It's a new day.


Janet said...

I enjoyed your rambling. Hooray for new days! You may not remember me, I'm Janet Randall and I'm married to Gavin's cousin, Justin. Your children are beautiful! I recently started a blog, check it out if you like, Have a great day! ~Janet

Chip and Lisa said...

I have to say I had the same moment. I did not make any new resolutions. I feel like my life is so crazy and I am trying to simplify so my goal is to do everything Im already working on but just do it better. I too agree with the bad idea of looking for happiness in destinations. I believe enjoying your season no matter what it may be. If it's a bad season of life at least you'll have a good story. Love your insight as always.

Dan K Shaw said...

I gave up along time ago with new years resolutions. My goal now is to just make this new year a little better than last year. In my case that should be to hard. You are doing a great job. Love you guys.