Monday, January 19, 2009

My Night Last Night

Gave Garrett Motrin because A) He has his 5th and 6th tooth breaking through. B) He has Dalton's cold so he is stuffed up, with a cough and sore throat. and C) He is miserable. Dumb, dumb, dumb idea. It was like we had given him baby crack. He turned into the Energizer Bunny for the next two hours, and tore through everything he could get his hands on. When it finally wore off we were ALL exhausted. Two hours later, he is up again, his little nose holes completely plugged up. I give him a bottle and fall asleep with him on the couch. Two hours later, Dalton is in our bedroom crying because his legs are aching. Rubbing will not sufice so I run a bath tub. Thirty minutes later he is back in bed. Two hours later Shelby is complaining because Dalton is sleeping in her room and his coughing has awakened her. I give him a cough drop and send him out to the front couch to sleep. His bedroom is right under the baby's and I don't want his coughing to awaken the baby. An hour later the baby is awake again (who knows why?) This time Gavin is up with him. At 7:00 Shelby is up saying that she is "starving" and wants to watch cartoons.

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