Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Very Late Posting of Thanksgiving Pictures

I got Adobe Photoshop for Christmas, so maybe some day I can have some order to my humongous stash of photos that lie in unmarked folders hiding in corners within my computer...drives me crazy! I know I said "No goals" for this new year, but I don't care. I have got to put some order to my pictures. So, before I loose these in another dusty mismarked folder, I wanted to post them.

And looking back on the photos I am really in awe of what gracious hosts my in-laws are. Besides making some lame potato dish, I really was pretty worthless the entire time. There was always homemade food on the table, snacks in the fridge. In fact, when we arrived there were fresh pies out on the counter. It was like traveling to a parallel universe. I am very grateful to have the Hoopes as my in-laws. In fact, each year I grow more and more grateful. Martha has raised five very loving children who love to be together. What a gift. And cousins...around here, where we want for kids who share our DNA, cousins are the most valuable treasure on Earth. So, a Happy Thanksgiving it was, thanks to the Tobler family.

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