Friday, August 08, 2008


Every summer, we meet Gavin's family in San Diego for an informal family-reunion at the beach.

Gavin's family has been staying at the same little place every year, since he was a boy. The location couldn't be better, as you step out your door, and on to the beach. The little cousins think that they have found heaven, as they live in their swimsuits for a week, raid grandma's freezer of all her Popsicles, bogey board all get the picture!


  • Shelby comparing her pinkness with her equally frilly-n-feisty girl cousins
  • Martha's (made by Karen) Texas Sheet cake for my 30th birthday
  • Dalton catching waves at his first surfing lesson with surfer Grandpa Eddington catching it all on film
  • Dalton and his cousins playing "spoons" with their Grandma and getting more excited than winning games on the Wii
  • Shelby riding the Lego Horse at LegoLand
  • Dalton and Gavin on the Puke-O-Ramma at LegoLand (in Dalton's opinion-the only decent ride.)
  • Dalton and boy cousins acting like total goofs the entire time


  • Dalton getting stung by a jellyfish (thanks for the vinegar Grandma Martha)
  • Being Garrett's human pacifier the entire trip-as not to wake the others sleeping right beside us in our ONE room..ugh! (Baby-boot camp began the day we got back to Salt Lake!)
  • lines and heat at Legoland

We had a blast...our best year yet! Dalton and Shelby miss their cousins already. We love them all lots!


Kristen said...

It looks like you guys had such a good time! Remember when we were little hanging out with all our cousins? There was nothing better! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Dan K Shaw said...

looks like a great trip. it is so fun to just all be together and hang out sometimes. It seems like you forget the mess,the stickyness, and the sand on everything including cloths and TP. and just remember the good times and friends.